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The Game StewardBoard Game Geek Avg Player Rating: 7.77
Players: 1 to 4
Published: 2019
Content Notes: Kickstarter "Viceroy" Pledge Edition of Times of Darkness for Viceroy by Mayday Games. Include core game, Times of Darkness Expansion, play mat, bonus cards pack, and additional unlocked stretch goals. Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.
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The box size will be the same as the original game as there is A LOT of content here and we wanted to give owners of the original game the option of using this new box to replace your old box should you want to!

This expansion is unique because it offers variety in the form of three modules: Aristocrats, Invasion, and Underworld. 

Download the Viceroy: Times of Darkness rulebook HERE

See how to play all three below:

The first module, Aristocrats, contains 12 new character cards. All these cards have no reward on the 1st level (you get usual reward when you place them on level 2 and up) but they have an additional reward instead of colored sections at the bottom. These characters are shuffled to the deck. The module also contains 4 new Laws designed to work well with aristocrats.

The second module, Invasion, contains Enemy cards of three levels, 4 Battle cards (one for each player) and 4 thematic laws. The Enemy cards from the Invasion forces that attack the players’ domains on 3rd, 7th, and 11th turns. Each force has four stacked Enemy cards that form four lines of costs and rewards, similar to the left side of the character cards. To fight off the attack, a player have to pay gems indicated in these lines, at least in the bottom line, but the more they pay the more the reward. Gems may be taken from behind the screen and/or from the player’s Battle card. When the players choose the same color during the auction they don’t discard the gems but place them on their Battle cards. The new Law cards interact with Enemy cards and Battle cards. If a player doesn’t repel the invasion the player gets a penalty card.

The third module, Dungeon, allows players to build their pyramid DOWNWARDS. There are Outlaw cards that form a separate deck. A player may draw an Outlaw card instead of gaining two gems. These cards are played in Phase 2, and should be placed under the first row of the pyramid. The cost for playing the Outlaw card is the Judgement tokens that contain different penalties such as negative VPs, negative modifiers or obligations to discard specific tokens. The unique rewards include relocating a Character card in the pyramid, gaining diamonds (wild gems) or dealing with Judgement tokens. There are also 4 thematic Law cards.

In this variant, two new multicolor auction cards from this expansion are used in place of usual four auction cards. Each new auction card features two colors instead of one. You may place the multicolor auction cards with any side up, but all four colors must be present. The large deck consists of 24 character cards. During the setup and after each auction only two character cards are revealed instead of four. During the auction, players choose between two auction cards (and not between four colors).    

When bidding, a player may select any of two colors featured on the chosen auction card. If both players have chosen the same card (even if their gemstones are of different colors), they have to return the gemstones to the reserve without gaining cards, or agree who gets which card (if there are two cards next to the chosen auction card). When playing solo, use the same setup. You don’t need any virtual opponents, just discard the corresponding gemstones and gain the cards you wish. At the end of the game, gain 3 power points for each your sword token and 2 power points for each your shield token. These bonus points are in addition to the usual points you gain at the end of the game.  

Important: In this variant, the law card # 69 adds two cards to the large deck instead of four.   

NOTE: There are lots of other tested variants out there for Viceroy, we suggest you check them out HERE.

Never played Viceroy before? Download the Rules HERE

Check out this "How to Play" and Review from Dan King, The Game Boy Geek!

"We were really blown away by this game! ... This is a great great game. Not only is the art STUNNINGLY gorgeous, every single card is just beautiful to look at.... The game is so bright and cheery and wonderful, and its SO SATISFYING! " -Richard Ham

"Isn't this artwork SPECTACULAR ...Yeah, I like this game and I like it a lot a lot a lot a lot! It is REALLY FANTASTIC and I played it with ALL the player counts!...Man I'm telling you, the artwork is phenomenal!  This game plays very quickly, it has a lot of strategy to it. Big fan of this one! Viceroy: Definitely a game that I like quite a bit. Dice Tower Judgement: Into My Collection!" -Tom Vasel


The Viceroy: Times of Darkness expansion supplies your pyramid of power with fastidious aristocrats and shady underworld figures that will help you earn precious diamonds and fend off invading monsters.

This box contains three expansion modules as well as revised law cards for the base game and new game modes for  both one- and two-player variants.

-- from the publisher

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