What We Do

Looking for Great Games You’ll Love?

The Game Steward is constantly scouting the horizon for the best new board game ideas in crowd funding to bring to you. Unlike most game stores, The Game Steward does not rely on big mass distributors of board games. Instead, long before their games exist, we scout out and directly fund hundreds of individual game publishers each year.

Increasing The Supply of Hard to Find Games

When we find a promising game publisher with a great proposed game, we look at what funding we have available to contribute to the making of additional copies that might otherwise not exist. This is how we both increase the quantity of games that can be published and guarantee your stock of limited edition and Kickstarter board games when you visit The Game Steward.

Visiting The Game Steward

When you are under our roof, we hope to make you happy by offering you:
✔️ The biggest collection of limited edition and Kickstarter board games (with many rare expansions and extras) of any store in the world,
✔️ The easiest access to find your game, and
✔️ The friendliest customer service and return policy.

When you visit The Game Steward, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of limited edition and Kickstarter board games to select from - often with several options with all the rare extras to choose from. Our friendly team of Stewards are available to assist you in finding your game, modifying your order, and any assistance you require.

Finally, The Game Steward has a No Questions Asked full refund policy on all pre orders. Have a dental bill? Change your mind? No reason? No problem! Contact us for a full refund.

Funding Board Games

When The Game Steward pre funds and reserves copies of limited editions and Kickstarter board games for you, we have a little secret. We always contract for more copies than we list for sale. Why? Because some games arrive at The Game Steward dinged or dented. By ordering extras, we always have a reserve so we can set the damaged copies aside and provide you a pristine game.

Here’s another little secret...often those dings are minor and sometimes all the games arrive in perfect condition. After fulfilling all your orders, we place those extra copies out for sale (often daily, but also on our Black Friday Sale). You can sign up for any sold out game on The Game Steward and be notified as soon as the extra copies go online.

The Valley of Failed Kickstarters

Sometimes publishers run into issues and their Kickstarter board games fail to deliver. Unlike on Kickstarter itself, when a Kickstarter board game fails to come to market by its publisher, The Game Steward always provides you with a full refund under the same friendly full refund policy.

Tracking: Board Game Manufacturing Updates

After funding, The Game Steward keeps track of active board games in development and on into production. We keep track of board game updates as they occur - including changes to the release schedule - so we can answer any questions you may send our way via customer service.

Tracking: Board Game Shipping Updates

After the board games are developed and produced, there are many steps to bring them from manufacturing to The Game Steward. The games are loaded into shipping containers, then loaded onto ships. The Game Steward keeps track of these updates from the publisher. We use this information to keep our schedule up to date and answer any questions you may send our way via customer service.

Tracking: Board Game Agent Fulfillment

After the board games' ship arrives on the docks, they are unloaded and sent to the publisher’s Fulfillment Agent. A Fulfillment Agent is a warehouse and packing company that works for the board game publisher. They ship the board game to all of the board game's backers. From the time it is announced until the last backer order is shipped, the Fulfillment Agent can take from 3 weeks to 2 months. The first few weeks is often when unboxing videos start to appear online! A little trivia: The Game Steward is generally the largest single backer to get fulfilled by the Fulfillment Agent.

Fulfilling Your Orders

The publisher’s Fulfillment Agent transports pallets to shipping containers of board games to The Game Steward. Our team will then go through a check list to insure your board games arrive undamaged and to the right address:

✔️ Our team examines all the board games to make sure your copy isn’t damaged in any way. (Just in case some copies are damaged, we always over order extra copies to insure your pristine copy will be sent right away with no delay.)
✔️ Our team emails you to confirm you haven’t moved & get any updates to your shipping address if you ordered from us more than 30 days prior to when your board games arrived.
✔️ Our team checks what other items you may have on order with us and carefully custom packs your board games with lots of padding to insure they ship damage free.
✔️ We then make sure we use the correct premium shipping service (FedEx, UPS, USPS) to track your order to your door.

As soon as your order leaves our warehouse, you begin to receive your order tracking notifications by email or messenger - your choice - so you can follow your order as it arrives at your door.

Your Board Game Arrives at Your House!

At The Game Steward, we track updates that your order arrived successfully via the premium shipping service with tracking (FedEx, UPS, USPS). If there’s ever an issue, our customer service team will work with you to follow up on any need or issue. Once you have your board game, we're always here if you need us!

Thank you for taking this journey with us!