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    🔧 Action Point Allowance System
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    🔧 Variable Phase Order
    🔧 Variable Player Powers
    🔧 Worker Placement
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    📆 2014

Tiny Epic Kingdoms 2nd Edition (Kickstarter Special)

Gamelyn Games

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The Game StewardBoard Game Geek Rating: 6.47
Board Game Geek Avg Player Rating: 6.71
Players: 2 to 5
Published: 2016
Content Notes: Kickstarter Deluxe Second Edition of Tiny Epic Kingdoms Board Game. Includes all stretch goals plus promo pack. Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included. All games are in English.

You are a tiny kingdom with big ambition. You want to expand your population throughout the realms, learn powerful magic, build grand towers, and have your neighbors quiver at the mention of your name. The conflict? All of the other kingdoms want the same thing and there's not enough room for everyone to succeed...

In Tiny Epic Kingdoms, a 4x fantasy game in a pocket-size package, each player starts with a unique faction (which has a unique technology tree) and a small territory. Throughout the game, players collect resources, explore other territories, battle each other, research magic, and work to build a great tower to protect their realm.

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