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The Walking Dead: All Out War Bundle (Kickstarter Special)


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    Kickstarter Special
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The Game StewardBoard Game Geek Rating: 5.90
Board Game Geek Avg Player Rating: 8.15
Players: 1 to 2
Published: 2017
Content Notes: Retail Starter Set plus Kickstarter Exclusive Booster Box for The Walking Dead: All Out War. Includes retail starter set and Kickstarter Exclusive Booster Box (Neegan, Michonne, Abraham, Ronnie Walker, Sheriff's Badge, and Bag of Guns). Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included. All games are in English.

The Walking Dead: All Out War is a tactical head-to-head game set in the walker-strewn Georgia countryside, a survival miniatures game from Mantic Games based on the characters from the pages of the bestselling The Walking Dead comic series. Your group will be pitted against other groups in a bitter fight for supplies, but the Walkers react to your every move. In this game, everyone and everything is trying to kill you.

In more detail, each player controls their own group of survivors made up of popular characters from The Walking Dead storyline, such as Rick, Shane, Michonne and many more. Each survivor is represented by a finely-detailed plastic miniature, which can be painted in your color scheme of choice. It comes with a character card highlighting their game stats and unique abilities, and it can be upgraded with a selection of weapon and equipment cards.

The game is set around Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs, and contains a gaming mat and a selection of barricades, abandoned cars and supplies to give it that authentic The Walking Dead atmosphere. Your survivors move across the board using the measuring stick included with the game, and you use the terrain to block Walker routes, sneak up on opposing survivors, or raid enemy camps for supplies.

During the game, you fight a bitter battle for resources against a rival group of survivors – but be careful not to make too much noise as you'll draw the attention of the Walkers, which are controlled by an AI system developed specifically for this game. They attack anyone who comes within reach — and because they are AI-controlled, you can play the game solo.

The base game includes rules for running simple campaigns and basic guidelines for designing your own characters.

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