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The Game StewardBoard Game Geek Rating: 5.57
Board Game Geek Avg Player Rating: 6.79
Players: 2 to 5
Published: 2017
Content Notes:  Kickstarter "Hero Quest" Pledge Edition of The Dwarves Board Game with The Saga and other expansions. This includes The Dwarves Core Game (limited edition with Wooden Figures), The Saga Expansion, The New Heroes Stretch-Goal-Expansion, the Combined Might Expansion, and all other unlocked stretch goals. Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.

  💥  The Dwarves Core Game (limited edition with Wooden Figures),
  💥  The Saga Expansion,
  💥  The New Heroes Stretch-Goal-Expansion,
  💥  The Combined Might Expansion, and
  💥  All other unlocked stretch goals.

The Dwarves: The Saga Expansion adds new components and challenges to The Dwarves, including a new character, new quests, four new miniatures, two new game boards (a new main board and a Dwarven Council side board), two punchboards, and 75 wooden figures to replace the cubes in the base game.

The book pentalogy „The Dwarves" is author Markus Heitz‘ fantasy masterpiece – an epic tale of Dwarves and their fight to save their homeland Girdlegard.

The Dwarves: The Board Game is a game based on these books. Here you can accompany the books‘ eponymous Dwarves Tungdil - the stories' hero (pictured above) and his friends Balyndis, Boëndal, Boïndil and Bavragor on their fight for Girdlegard. The Dwarves: The Board Game is a multiple-award-winning masterpiece. But you don’t have to take our word for it! It has won or was nominated for these awards: 


The Dwarves: The Board Game draws its story from the rich lore of the most successful German fantasy books. The books of The Dwarves are already available as an international bestseller in the English language – published by Orbit Publishing. But the world of The Dwarves is richer than just the sum of its Pentalogy. There are also a host of Audiobooks of all book releases (albeit only in German so far) and a high-quality comic series, about to release its Volume 2 in October 2015 and therefore continuing the series through other mediums. We, as Pegasus Spiele, have introduced so called ABooks to the world of The Dwarves (Adventure-Books or GameBooks), interactive digital sidestory Apps, that extend the series for a whole new audience.
Though you can enjoy a great backstory if you have read the books - you do not need to know these books to enjoy the game! It is that good on its own!

The Dwarves: The Board Game is not a complicated game! This is a cooperative game for the whole family! Each player can, for only 60 to 90 minutes, slip into the boots of one of Markus Heitz’ Dwarves. Each player will receive a character board, granting him a unique power and a set of attributes: Battle, Craft and Speed.

 Each player will also get a miniature with which he can make his way around the detailed map of Girdlegard!

Play as the Dwarf of your choice!
Play as the Dwarf of your choice!
The map of Girdlegard
The map of Girdlegard

With these Dwarves, the players work together to keep evil from flooding Girdlegard. There is a number of these forces of evil that the players will have to fight- Orcs, Trolls, and the Älfar.

The Orcs and the Trolls
The Orcs and the Trolls

They all work to further the spread of the so called Perished Land.

To achieve their goal the players will have to complete a number of main quests in the form of Scenario cards before the forces of evil take over Girdlegard.

As if that was not enough, there are also side quests to complete: the Adventures. These will help the players in numerous ways!

This help is needed urgently, as well! Turn after turn the Älfar, Trolls and Orcs are invading Girdlegard. The Recruitment dice will be rolled and according to their result a number of forces will invade through the Gateways. The troops, if left undefeated, will bring with them a terrible Blight. Once 5 troops fill up a map space this space will turn into the Perished Land. Twisted by demonic magic even the water in this land turns black. The troops then scatter around this land and try to desolate even more of Girdlegard.

But beware – the forces of evil on the map are not the only enemies that will try to hinder your success – you will also have to fend off threats that endanger the very core of your mission:

Download the Rulebook: Learn more about the gameplay by checking out a preview of the game's rulebook in the English language!

Can you succeed in completing the final quest and save Girdlegard? Find out – in The Dwarves: The Board Game!

--From the publisher

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