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Published: 2021
Content Notes: Kickstarter Exclusive Teen Titans Go! Mayhem Board Game by CMON. Includes base game, Kickstarter Exclusive Daily Promos pack, and Blackfire and Nightwing Pack. Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.

The Teen Titans fight amongst themselves in Teen Titans GO! Mayhem, with each team racing to be the first to collect 5 victory points (VP).

Teen Titans GO! Mayhem is built around the Mayhem System , a system for character vs. character team-based combat in which the most direct method for a team to gain VP is by KOing their opponents. Characters use items and powers to battle the enemy team, with battle damage changing each round based on the mayhem die. All of the Titans have a power that directly attacks their opponents, either through an attack or through fire tokens. Fire tokens deal damage equal to the mayhem die, just like a regular attack, but deal their damage at the beginning of each round.

When a character is KOed, they are removed from the board and their opponent gains VPs, with the KOed character returning to play next round.

When you're not fighting, you use teamwork to complete missions from the special GO! deck for a chance to gain VPs.

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