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Players: 2 to 2
Published: 2019
Content Notes: Kickstarter "Arena Hero" Pledge for ROBA: Radiant Offline Battle Arena by Heel Turn Games. Includes core game, expansion, and all unlocked stretch goals. Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.


Radiant: Offline Battle Arena is a head-to-head, two-player card game that brings the excitement and strategic challenge of the MOBA genre to the tabletop. ROBA pits two teams of fantasy heroes against one another in a struggle for dominance.


Funding Reward: Polar Bear Bran

KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE - ROBA is now 100% funded! A copy of the Bran, Druid of the Tundra promotional card is included with every ROBA core set.

Social Stretch Goal: Lucha Mato

KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE - Lucha Mato was unlocked.  The Lucha Mato alt art promo will be added to every ROBA core set.

€15,000: Alt Art Corvus 

KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE - At €15,000 a promotional Alt Art Corvus card will be added to every ROBA core set. What will this promotional card look like? This will be decided by in a poll!

€17,000: Draft Cards 

At €17,000 we will add a complete set of draft cards to every ROBA core set. Draft cards will be beautiful full-bleed landscape cards that will serve as a play-aid during the drafting phase of the game.

Content Expansion 1

This expansion features three completely new Heroes, along with a matching set of draft cards.



ROBA is quick to pick up and easy to learn. Deckbuilding is fast and accessible and great care has been taken to keep the card text and rules as simple as possible without sacrificing depth or replayability. Our demonstrators can usually teach the main rules of the game in just 5 minutes!

ROBA offers long term value to even the most challenge-hungry card game veterans. The gameplay rewards strategic thinking and expertise and the core set alone contains over 400 different potential teams.

ROBA is a fast paced game of constant action from the start of the very first turn and you’ll never be waiting long to make your next important decision. Game times are quick, with games between experienced players rarely exceeding 30 minutes.  

ROBA’s cast of heroes has been brought to life by a talented and diverse team of artists from around the world in over 80 original colour illustrations.  

ROBA has been in development for over four years, and has been tested extensively in multiple rounds of internal and public playtest phases. It has been carefully fine tuned to ensure the best possible balance and play experience.  

The ROBA Core set contains everything you need to get started. Two players can enjoy the game right out of the box and there’s no need for multiple purchases to complete your collection.

ROBA matches two players against each other in a contest of wits, nerve and skill. Each player controls a team of three powerful Heroes, each of whom bring a unique set of skills and abilities to the table. The aim of the game is to defeat the opponent’s Deity, a powerful divine force that begins the game out-of-play and must be forced to manifest before it can be destroyed.

To achieve this aim, players pit their teams of Heroes against one another in a series of skirmishes, duels and all out brawls. The player who best puts their Heroes’ skills to use over the course of the game - or best exploits the weaknesses of their enemies - will emerge victorious.

The battle takes place across three lanes - each of which contain a Divine Conduit belonging to each player. Destroy all three of your opponent’s Conduits and their Deity will appear - bringing all of its Divine might to bear upon the conflict as it does so. When a Deity falls, the game is over - with victory going to to its slayer.

Sample Player Setup
Sample Player Setup

Before the game begins, players must select their team and build a deck. A deck in ROBA begins with the choice of 3 Heroes. Every hero has a specialization: Warriors excel at attacking enemy Heroes and dealing damage, Tanks are sturdy defenders who soak up damage and keep your team alive and Supports bring powerful utility to their team, but are fragile and must be protected carefully.  

Hero cards are double sided - representing a basic version of the Hero at the start of the game. During the course of play, your heroes can become Levelled Up, flipping them over to their more powerful Experienced face, acquiring improved stats and new abilities.  

Every hero comes with a fixed deck of 10 cards representing their unique skills. Smash these three decks together and that creates the deck of 30 cards you will use throughout the game.  

Players must also choose from among 5 different Deities, divine patrons who grant different favours depending on their sphere of influence.  

Last but not least, each player rounds out their deck by selecting (in secret) three Item cards to make up their shop. Items can modify Heroes’ base stats and grant new abilities, allowing a greater depth of customization so you can tune your deck to fit your style. Items can be purchased from a player’s shop over the course of the game, adding another layer of strategic decision making for you and surprise for your opponent!


Did you know that you can try ROBA for free? Just click this picture!
Did you know that you can try ROBA for free? Just click this picture!



Heroes are the most important cards in ROBA. Your choice of Heroes determines your strategy. Will you play aggressively, looking for quick KOs and a fast win? Maybe you’re a more methodical player who wants to take their time, building to an unassailable late game lead. Whatever your preferred playstyle, ROBA has the team for you! 

There are three classes of Hero: 

Warriors are combat focused Heroes who excel at making aggressive plays and taking out enemy Heroes. 

Tanks are sturdy, defensive Heroes whose strength lies in their ability to withstand punishment and protect their teammates from harm.

Support Heroes bring valuable utility to their team, generating resources and bringing powerful spells to bear (HAH!), but they are fragile and need to be carefully protected.

Hero cards are double sided, featuring a Basic and Experienced face. When a Hero becomes levelled up in the course of play, you flip their card over and take advantage of increased stats and stronger abilities. 

The 9 Heroes included in the ROBA core set allow two players to begin enjoying the game immediately, right out of the box! 

Immense forces of nature, Deities are powerful Hero cards that begin the game out of play but make a big splash when they enter the arena. Their excellent stats and powerful abilities can turn a game around in mere moments but be careful - your Deity is your most powerful weapon, but they are also your most vulnerable. When your Deity becomes KO’d, you lose the game!

The ROBA Core Set features two sets of 5 unique deities - enough for two players to choose freely where their allegiance lies.

Item cards represent powerful magical artifacts that can turn the tide of battle, and let you customize your Heroes how you see fit. Items can modify your Heroes’ stats or grant new abilities, letting you tailor your strategy to fit your style. Players stock their shop in secret at the beginning of every game, affording plenty of opportunities to give your opponent a nasty surprise. 

The ROBA Core Set includes two sets of 10 unique items - enough for two players to stock their shops with whatever treasures take their fancy. 

Divine Conduits represent places of power, sacred to the Deities of the Arena. When all of a player’s Conduits are destroyed, their Deity must enter the battlefield, making them vulnerable to assault! Conduit cards are associated with specific Deities, granting special bonuses when they are destroyed. 

The ROBA Core set includes two sets of 7 unique Conduits - enough for two players.

Skill cards represent your Heroes’ special abilities, techniques and spells. Each Hero contributes 9 standard skill cards to your deck - 3 sets of 3 cards. 

Each hero possesses a single, unique Ultimate skill card representing their most powerful ability or most devastating sorcery. Ultimate skills can only be used by Deities or Heroes who have leveled up, but their effects can be game changing.

Various tokens designed to help you keep track of the board state! (These will change based on stretch goals.)

--From the publisher

Radiant: Offline Battle Arena ROBA) is a Shuffle-Building Card Game that brings the immensely popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game genre to the tabletop for players around the world! The player selects 3 different Heroes, then shuffles each of those Hero's 10 card decks together to create their main deck which they will utilize to battle their opponent. The rules of the game are simple, while having an amazing amount of depth and strategy as each action leads to further choices as you decide how to out maneuver and out fight your opponent!

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