Merchants Cove: The Oracle Expansion (Retail Pre-Order Edition)

Final Frontier Games

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Board Game Geek Avg Player Rating: 9.00
Players: 1 to 5
Published: 2020
Content Notes: Retail Edition The Oracle Expansion for Merchants Cove by Final Frontier Games. Includes The Oracle Expansion. Not a complete game. Requires Merchants Cove core game (available separately) to play.

Behold, the mysterious and marvelous Oracle! What will the runes in the divining dish reveal? Step inside Haggatha's UnFortuneTent to find out.

Roll your unique set of runes and write your way to foretelling futures and enchanting talismans. By making accurate predictions of those arriving to town, your shop will buzz with good fortune. Or gaze to the sky to chart the stars illuminating the path forward.

Skillfully influence your fate and the fates of others, and you'll soon draw massive crowds of customers come to hear their fate. Isaak says ribbt! (for those unfamiliar, Isaak the Monofrog is Haggatha's magical one-eyed frog)

Oracle Actions & Gameplay

Recruit Townsfolk - ? Hours

Use Staff - 2 Hours

Star Charting - 2 Hours

Combine the runic die with the bone to draw lines, enclosing areas to make goods of various colors.

Horoscopes - 2 Hours

Record one or both dice numbers in the ascending and descending sequences to create goods and gain bonuses.

Divine - 1 Hour

Combine the voodoo meeple and the runic die to predict the future about what kind of meeple will show up from the bag, the high the number, the more chances to be right you have.

Twist Fates - 1 Hour

Combine the coin with the voodoo meeple for dice manipulation abilities, combine the coin with the bone to gain the ability to swap runes, or combine it with a dice to gain an X capable of resetting horoscope sequences or influencing a faction hall.

Every time you record something you have to use components in the same side of the dish. When you are done, recast them. If you aren't careful and all the runes end up in one side of the divining dish, you gain a powerful turn, but corruption as well.

—description from the publisher

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