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Legends Untold: Weeping Caves and Great Sewers (Kickstarter Special)

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    Kickstarter Special
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The Game StewardBoard Game Geek Avg Player Rating: 7.72
Players: 1 to 4
Published: 2018
Content Notes: Kickstarter Edition of Legends Untold. Includes 1) Core set of The Caves, aka The Weeping Caves starter set, 2) The Great Sewer starter set, 3) The Alchemist Booster set, 4) The Druid Booster set, 5) The Novice Rank Treasure Booster set, and 6) The UKGE 2017 Promo cards. Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included. All games are in English.

  1) Core set of The Caves, aka The Weeping Caves starter set,
  2) The Great Sewers starter set,
  3) The Alchemist Booster set,
  4) The Druid Booster set,
  5) The Novice Rank Treasure Booster set, and
  6) The UKGE 2017 Promo cards.

Legends Untold is a co-operative card based adventure game for 1-8 players(4 players in the basic box, more with the expansion). Play an in depth adventure games with your friends in about an hour. Small setup time, zero downtime and a lot more than just finding the next monster to bash.

Intelligent game mechanics that rely on the Party working together to overcome foes, traps, Obstacles, barriers, NPCs and more. Build your Hero your way from a wide choice of Talents, Weapons, Outfits and Kit. Scout the depths of the Caves (with more environments to come!), building a map between locations as you uncover the threats within.

8 Scenarios included, with a wide range of objectives, unlocking the story of your Heroes and their tales to become legends.

Uses 3 six sided dice to resolve tests, but more importantly the entire Party working together. Multiple ways to defeat each obstacle, barrier or trap with different rewards for each. Use your talents and equipment and work as a team.

Risk/Reward mechanics for talking to NPCs and deciding if you are going to push your luck, and end up angering them. Co-operative mechanics for combat, including assisting each other in combat, morale and defeating complex foes.


In Legends Untold 1 to 4 players* take on the role of unlikely heroes, the final hope of a conquered people.  Starting with only your wits and a crude weapon you will explore the Weeping Caves trying to gain access to the great free city of Dun Mordhain.

We want to make Legends Untold because we love to play immersive adventure games but don't have the time to set them up and play them very often. Inspired by “Choose your own adventure” books, RPGs, and fantasy board games, Legends offers a deep adventuring experience that sets up in 5 minutes, has no player downtime and you can finish in an hour.

 * The game can be played with up to 8 players if more than one set is purchased.


Will you accept the challenge and head forth into the Weeping Caves?  

Each turn you will be required to make important decisions to determine the fate of your heroes. Let's show you those decisions and explain the game.


Let the Adventure begin!

You are in the Weeping Caves, before you proceed you must decide:  

  • Which exit will you take deeper into the caves?  
  • Which of you will lead the party and scout the path ahead?  
  • Who will take guard at the rear of the party?  
  • Will you proceed slowly and with stealth, or avoid wasting what precious time you have?  

All of these things impact your readiness in this location, whether you are alert, bold or careless impacts everything you can do in a turn.

Dynamic Mapping
The scout draws the new location, matching the lighting levels where possible, and adding it to the map as you journey onwards.


The amber ringed man pushing a boulder icon means there is an obstacle on the way into this location. Drawing from the adventure deck you find that a chasm blocks your path!

  • Will you use rope to help you swing across?
  • Can you make the jump, quick but dangerous?
  • Should you climb around, slow but safe?

Being alert and having a light source will help you, and it being a team trial, the entire party can put their hero's talents to use in assisting. Each test shows what happens if you pass (in the green column) or fail (in the red column).  

Now you are past the chasm, the magnifying glass in the cave shows a search zone, a place where there could be useful loot or strange curiosities to be found.

  • Will you search carefully and burn time or search quickly and risk being caught off guard. 
  •  What will you find - loot, a trap perhaps?

This time your search finds some Lobgourds, crudely made firebombs that some goblin has left behind.


The blue ringed barrier icons show that your way forward is blocked and you will need you to figure out a way past them - this one is an old wooden door:

Will you?

  • Pick the Lock, which takes time
  • Force it open, but perhaps hurt yourself in trying
  • Lever the hinges off you get through, but give whatever is on the far side time to hear you coming

After each barrier you draw to see what lies beyond it... will it be the Goblin Shaman?  A spiked pit?  Captured merchants?  An ancient shrine?  The game will be different and unique each time you play .

Continuing into the darkness of the weeping caves you will find combat, bizarre curiosities and characters to converse with alongside fully customizable heroes and a campaign system to grow your heroes' talents and equipment.  This is the essence of Legends Untold.

--from the publisher

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