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The Game StewardBoard Game Geek Rating: 5.51
Board Game Geek Avg Player Rating: 5.87
Players: 2 to 6
Published: 2016
Content Notes: Retail Edition of Foreclosed Board Game.

After years of taking advantage of hotel guests and tenants, Wealthy Uncle Moneybag's financial empire has crumbled into foreclosure. The millionaire's lavish property must be sold off to satisfy his debts, and you are one of the creditors! You may not need a diamond-encrusted watch or a rare fossil collection, but with 2-6 creditors sniffing around, maybe you should just take all that you can grab?!

Playing a round of Foreclosed! is simple, but the strategies are endless. Each turn, you'll be awarded a single item from Wealthy Uncle Moneybag's outrageous collection. If you receive some expensive silverware which you're not interested in collecting, and another player has received the fancy automobile you had your eye on, just make that player an offer.

If the other player wants to keep their item, they'll be forced to "protect" it by paying more money than you offered them. If a player does not have enough money, or does not want to spend the money they have, they must accept your offer. Once all players have had a chance to make offers, the round ends and all acquired items are added to their new owner's collection. Sometimes you will find it is just as rewarding to force other players to spend their money protecting items you didn't really want in the first place!

Foreclosed! lasts thirty minutes and can be played by 2-6 players.

For added depth and challenge to the game, Foreclosed! includes action cards for experienced players.


Vasaran Alla - peli ahneille neuvottelijoille.

Hyvin suosittu ja rikas filmitÄhti on tehnyt yllÄttÄen henkilÖkohtaisen vararikon! Koko omaisuus on menossa pankeille ja muille velkojille. SinÄ olet yksi velkojista ja olet menossa velkojien kokoukseen neuvottelemaan omaisuuden jaosta. Vastassasi on muita ahneita velkojia, jotka eivÄt tunne sÄÄliÄ kun on kyse kullasta, kiinteistÖistÄ ja antiikkiesineistÄ.

TehtÄvÄnÄsi on haalia itsellesi mahdollisimman arvokkaat omaisuudet ja arvoesineet. FilmitÄhden omaisuus on jaettu 5 ryhmÄÄn; kiinteistÖihin, autoihin, arvoesineisiin, antiikkiin ja sekalaiseen ylellisyysomaisuuteen. LisÄksi jaossa on riihikuivaa rahaa. PesÄnhoitaja jakaa omaisuutta velkojille mÄÄrÄllisesti tasaisesti, mutta laadussa voi olla eroja. Omaisuutta jaettaessa voit suorittaa vaihtoja muiden velkojien kanssa, tai suojautua muiden vaatimuksilta lakimiehesi (=rahan) avulla. MitÄ enemmÄn saman sarjan arvotavaraa ja -omaisuutta kerÄÄt, sitÄ tuottoisamman kokonaisuuden saat. Istu pÖytÄÄn, omaisuuden jako alkaa!

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