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Published: 2018
Content Notes: Kickstarter Deluxe Edition of Dice Settlers Board Game by NSKN Games. Includes upgraded components (realistic resources, upgraded tokens and markers), and all unlocked stretch goals. Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.

With a piece of land to call your own, a handful of resources, a few families and a head full of dreams you embark on a journey of a lifetime. Beyond lies the New World full of opportunities to make your dreams of a new home a reality. But beware, other settles have come here as well, and although their beginnings are as humble as yours, each of them will want to influence these new lands as much as you. Will you become the most powerful?

Dice Settlers is a civilization dice game of pool building, resource gathering and area control. Each turn players reach into their bags of dice, roll and choose their own actions: from exploring new lands and building the board, through gathering resources and trading, to developing technologies which offer new abilities, each player chooses their own path to victory.

A changing board, a set of different technologies every time you play, and a vast array of available strategies await!

Dice Settlers is an innovative 4X game, where you take your nation from a humble beginning in a world of possibilities to becoming the dominant nation of the land. Designed by David Turcziand illustrated by Mihajlo Dimitrievski, Dice Settlers features a modular board, over 40 Technologies to discover, and 51 custom dice.

Dice Settlers comes with a set of 51 custom dice, manufactured using the hot printing technology. This allows us to fully customize the image that appears on each die (and place a piece of Mihajlo's art on each die), which is then printed, and covered in varnish. The final clear coating makes the dice extremely durable - after dozens of plays you will see no wear on your dice.

Each achievements set provides a number of quality upgrades or new content that can be unlocked during the project. We reveal new parts of each set regularly. For more details, see this update.

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