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    Board Game Geek Avg Player Rating: 5.50
    Players: 1 to 4
    Published: 2020
    Content Notes: Kickstarter Exclusive Edition of Hunter's Dream Board Game Expansion for Bloodborne Board Game by CMON. Includes 2 Executioner figures, 2 Winter Lantern figures, 7 Enemy Hunters figures (Saw Cleaver, Threaded Cane, Hunter Axe, Ludwig's Holy Blade, Spear Rifle, Chikage, and Beast Claw, all in enemy color), 1 Gehrman, the First Hunter Boss figure, 1 Moon Presence Boss figure, 1 Oversized Double-sided Tile, 1 New "Finale Chapter" (comprised of Chapter Cards, Enemy Cards, Behavior Cards), and 4 Kickstarter Exclusive Enemy Hunters (figures and cards). Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.

    The Hunter's Dream expansion brings many exciting new elements to your Bloodborne experience. This expansion is not a campaign, but a plug-in that adds an extra layer of challenges and possibilities to ANY campaign, as well as an epic extra Chapter at the end of it.

    The workshop, home to the hunters and their tools, is an inferno. Gehrman awaits by the great tree. As you draw near, you see his face. The lines of worry seem somehow deeper in the moonlight. You can barely hear his ancient voice over the rustling of flowers in the wind, but he speaks to you of mercy. He speaks to you of the end. The first hunter is here. You are here. The moon is present.

    The Hunter's Dream brings you to your Bloodborne experience. This expansion is not a campaign, but a plug-in that adds an extra layer of challenges and possibilities to the ANY campaign.

    Hunter's Dream comes with:

    • 2 Executioner figures
    • 2 Winter Lantern figures
    • 7 Enemy Hunters (Saw Cleaver, Threaded Cane, Hunter Ax, Ludwig's Holy Blade, Spear Rifle, Chikage, and Beast Claw, all in enemy color)
    • 1 Gehrman, the First Hunter Boss figure
    • 1 Moon Presence Boss figure
    • 1 Oversized Double-sided Tile
    • 1 New "Final Chapter" (Enemy Cards, Behavior Cards)

    This Kickstarter campaign will also get a very special Kickstarter Exclusive bonus: 

    GAMEPLAY: A New Finale

    First, this expansion can be incorporated into any existing Campaign, adding a new element to your experience! As you progress, you might unlock secret paths of Insight along the way. Should you pursue these paths and complete the various objectives, you and your hunting party could find that the final threat of the campaign might be so final after all ... 

    In fact, assuming you complete your normal Campaign objectives, and reach what should have been the standard conclusion, you could discover the secrets to uncover ... Secrets might lead you to the heart of the Hunter's Dream, to the old hunter Gehrman ...

    What does this mean for you, brave Hunter? Who is to say ... Perhaps you're better off just having a job in your life. , there was really no turning back was there? Face the truth. Transcend your humanity ... 

    Of course, this is all about finding a path to begin with ...

    ... And, have a final teaser, who is it? Secrets beget secrets, and there may even be older, more eldritch powers at work ... Gehrman was indeed the first and oldest Hunter ... But even he may just be the surface of this unspeakable mystery ...

    Yet, that is not all this box provides ...

    GAMEPLAY: New Threats and Challenges!

    In addition to the above, this box features Reviews another new mechanic to add into Any Existing Campaign: The inclusion of Mini-Bosses!

    Looking pour augmenter the difficulty (goal aussi the rewards) in your game? Or perhaps you just want some random threats that might throw your entire exploration into chaos? That's where the Mini-Bosses come in!

    The Hunter's Dream Expansion features the following set of Mini-Bosses,

     Winter Lanterns 

    Ivory 3D render of the Winter Lantern.  Sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron.
    Ivory 3D render of the Winter Lantern. Sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron.

    These nightmarish monstrosities instill the Frenzy condition into those that so much as even gaze over them. Should a Hunter accumulate too much Frenzy, their minds will break, insuring a quick return to the Dream and loss of all accumulated Blood Echoes.


    Ivory 3D rendering of the Executioner, front side.  Sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron.
    Ivory 3D rendering of the Executioner, front side. Sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron.
    Ivory 3D rendering of the Executioner, back side.  Sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron.
    Ivory 3D rendering of the Executioner, back side. Sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron.

    Brutish creatures whose bulk betrays their speed, these foes will be hack and carve through any Hunter who is foolish enough to stand before them.  

    While those two are a danger in their own right, there is one more type of Mini-Boss that you'll face ...

    Enemy Hunters

    That's right, even those dedicated to the Hunt can turn against you. This box will also include Mini-Boss versions of all available retail Hunters - each unique in their specific Trick Weapon attacks. Sure, it was good having a Hunter wielding the cleaving capabilities of the Hunter's Ax on your team, but when they're suddenly against you? Your perception might change. 

    Enemy-colored Hunter Hunter figures: Kirkhammer Hunter, Uncanny Ludwig's Holy Blade Hunter, Hunter Blade of Mercy, and Hunter Reiterpallasch.
    Enemy-colored Hunter Hunter figures: Kirkhammer Hunter, Uncanny Ludwig's Holy Blade Hunter, Hunter Blade of Mercy, and Hunter Reiterpallasch.

    As a special bonus as well for our dedicated Kickstarter Customers, we're going to include aussi Exclusive Enemy Versions of Each of the unlocked Hunters Appearing in this Campaign, Including Any future ones - Increasing the variety Even Further! Thought coming across the savage Scourge Beasts or frenzied Hunter Mobs was bad? It'll be even worse when you're suddenly on the run-of-the-mills of a Hunter using the Blade of Mercy! But watch out as soon as possible, you will need to be able to get to know the world. Kirkhammer!

    Enemy-colored Hunter figures: Saw Cleaver, Threaded Cane, Hunter Ax, Ludwig's Holy Blade, Spear Rifle, Chikage, and Beast Claw.
    Enemy-colored Hunter figures: Saw Cleaver, Threaded Cane, Hunter Ax, Ludwig's Holy Blade, Spear Rifle, Chikage, and Beast Claw.

    Of course, as mentioned before, you will be rewarded with this bonus, and you will be rewarded with that bonus. To the brave go the spoils! 

    And of course, the Hunter's Dream will be a face to face with a legendary couple Bosses. The ultimate challenge for any Hunter.

    Gehrman, the First Hunter 

    Ivory 3D render of Gerhrman.  Sculpted by Edgar Ramos.
    Ivory 3D render of Gerhrman. Sculpted by Edgar Ramos.

    The oldest Hunter in existence, Gehrman has been around since the very beginning. What would drive him to fight those of his kind? What forces and secrets propel him to these acts? Whatever the reasons, Gehrman is the very embodiment of what it is to be a Hunter, and can employ all the tricks of their trade with a complete mastery of their execution.

    Moon Presence

    Ivory 3D rendering of the Moon Presence, front view.  Sculpted by Edgar Ramos.
    Ivory 3D rendering of the Moon Presence, front view. Sculpted by Edgar Ramos.
    Ivory 3D rendering of the Moon Presence, back view.  Sculpted by Edgar Ramos.
    Ivory 3D rendering of the Moon Presence, back view. Sculpted by Edgar Ramos.

    The Moon Presence, an eldritch keeper of things mankind was not meant to know. They should not be able to fathom it, it's much less likely to defeat it.

    Scale comparison of the new Hunter's Dream figures.
    Scale comparison of the new Hunter's Dream figures.

    —description from the publisher bloodmoon

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