Blood Rage: Deluxe Gods of Asgard (Kickstarter Pre-Order Special)

Published by CMON Limited

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The Game StewardPreorder: Expected Delivery Q1 2020
Board Game Geek Rating: 7.85
Board Game Geek Avg Player Rating: 8.04
Players: 2 to 4
Published: 2019
Content Notes: Kickstarter Exclusive Deluxe Gods of Asgard Accessory for Blood Rage. Includes 7 oversized resculpted God miniatures and supporting cards . Requires Blood Rage core game to play (not included). Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.

Kickstarter Exclusive Deluxe Gods of Asgard, a version of the classic expansion, brings the same resculpted and oversized figures released in this campaign as Stretch Goals for the Game Steward customers acquiring a Physical Viking Order, but without the coat of metallic golden paint, making possible for Game Steward customers not acquiring the Physical Viking Order to have access to these Gods, as well as giving the opportunity to those of you who want to have them painted.

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