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    📆 2017

13 Minutes: Cuban Missle Crisis

Jolly Roger Games

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The Game StewardBoard Game Geek Rating: 5.81
Board Game Geek Avg Player Rating: 6.96
Players: 2 to 2
Published in 2017
Content Notes: Retail Edition of 13 Minutes: Cuban Missle Crisis.

Play the Cold War in 13 minutes.

13 Minutes: The Cuban Missile Crisis is a card-driven microgame with tough decisions. Playing as either Kennedy or Khrushchev, your aim is to exit the Cuban Missile Crisis as the most powerful superpower. During the game you play only five strategy cards that you use to place Influence on battlegrounds to score majorities or manipulate battlegrounds. Each card you play turns into a new battleground, so the "world map" is ever-changing. Be careful because each decision is important and you may trigger global nuclear war!

13 Minutes, a sequel of sorts or different take on 13 Days, builds on the classic microgame genre heralded by Love Letter, but 13M uses the card-driven game mechanism to ensure that the five cards you play each game all adds up to agonizing choices!

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