Sold Out Games with KS Exclusives That Won't Be Returning

We try to renew KS Exclusives if we can, but often this isn't possible. Apologies if you were trying to find one of these.

The following Games Are Sold Out as of February 2017 and won't be returning:

  1. Conan (Kickstarter Special)
  2. Conan: Black Dragons (Kickstarter Special)
  3. Conan: Vanir Valkyrie (Kickstarter Special)
  4. Dogs of War
  5. Evolution: CLIMATE Conversion Kit with Kickstarter Promo Pack 3 (Kickstarter Special)
  6. Karmaka (Kickstarter Special)
  7. KEEP (Kickstarter Special)
  8. Kodama: The Tree Spirits
  9. Migration (Kickstarter Special)
  10. Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach Card Game
  11. Posthuman (Kickstarter Special)
  12. Rise of Cthulhu: Dark Secrets (Kickstarter Special)
  13. Santorini: Zeus Edition (Kickstarter Special)
  14. Starving Artists (Kickstarter Pre-Order Special)
  15. The Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game
  16. The Walking Dead: All Out War
  17. The Walking Dead: All Out War with Exclusive Booster Pack (Kickstarter Special)
  18. The World of Smog: On Her Majesty's Service