Stop price gouging on Kickstarter Games (Gloom of Kilforth)

One of our goals at The Game Steward is to prevent price gouging on Kickstarter Games.  With Gloom of Kilforth (currently #2 on's hottest board games)

we're selling it for $74.95 / $64.95 with $10 off Discount Code* with a purpose.

We hope this will continue to accomplish three things:  

  1. Without a huge barrier to price, get a great Kickstarter Game, like Gloom of Kilforth, into the hands of as many game lovers as possible.  In this way, they can go out and play the game with their friends and allow the game to flourish as it should.  We don't believe Kickstarter games get the broad base of support they deserve because they become the preserve of 300% markups and limited supply,
  2. Begin to sap the life out of Kickstarter Game online price gouging and bring about reasonable prices,
  3. Continue to upfront fund great Kickstarter Games.  Because Game Designers to make their goals are always short on upfront capital for expenses.  This can cause Kickstarter campaigns great challenges coming to market and sometimes post KS failure. 

We'll continue back great Kickstarter Games early and work with KS Game Designers to bring their games to you at the most reasonable prices possible.  We appreciate all your support.  We could not continue to do this without you, our customers.


*PS just in case you need it, you can get our discount codes on our FB or Twitters sites: