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The Game StewardPlayers: 2 to 6
Published: 2019
Content Notes: Kickstarter Exclusive Tyrant Pledge of Hate the Board Game. Includes Hate core game and all met stretch goals. Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.

Game Components:
🔪 51 Highly Detailed Miniatures
🔪 1 Game Board
🔪 30 Terrain Tiles
🔪 Over 100 Cardboard Tokens
🔪 32 Tribe Cards
🔪 51 Figure Cards
🔪 88 Transparent Upgrade/Scar Cards
🔪 44 Plastic Card Sleeves
🔪 6 Custom Dice
🔪 13 Counter Bases
🔪 5 Scenario Dashboards
🔪 1 Village Sheet Pad
🔪 1 Chronicle Sheet Pad
🔪 1 Rulebook 

Description from the publisher:
From Guillotine Games, and based on the graphic novels by the acclaimed Adrian Smith, HATE is a highly kinetic, endlessly brutal campaign game of post apocalyptic survival. Up to six players battle through a multi-game Chronicle where they use their unique clan to savagely plunder, mutilate and demoralize their opponents.

The player who most expertly uses Savagery (gained by doing unspeakable violence upon their foes) to upgrade their warriors and Resources (gained by plundering the land) to unlock powerful new abilities from their village will win the game, but only the player with the most Hate will become the Tyrant and rule over the rest!

HATE is a competitive game in which players compete and manage 'resources', 'hate', and 'scavenge' resources in an unrelenting post apocalyptic world.  Players can use 'resources' gathered to upgrade the clan village to help survive the harsh landscape, 'scavenge' gear and loot to upgrade clan members, and generate 'hate' to gain new abilities and skills for your clan.  Death is permanent for clan members, once they die, they are out of the game.  Compete and eliminate rival clans and survive!

Hate Board Game Kickstarter Exclusive CMON
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