Dale of Merchants: Collection Ding&Dent (Kickstarter Special)

Snowdale Design

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The Game StewardBoard Game Geek Avg Player Rating: 6.81
Players: 2 to 4
Published: 2019
Content Notes: Ding&Dent Kickstarter Edition of Dale of Merchants Collection Board Game by Snowdale Design. Includes core game and all unlocked stretch goals. Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.

DING & DENT DESCRIPTION:  Game box has one or more dings on corners or edges.  Visible but minor.  Cosmetic damage only.


Dale of Merchants is an elegant competitive card game series which takes a fresh approach to the deck building genre.

Strategic decisions: The gameplay is easy to learn but offers a great amount of strategic depth. Each card can be used in a variety of ways providing plenty of opportunities for impactful decisions.

Variety: Try different combinations of decks to open up new possibilities and create new experiences. You can customise the game to your group’s play style or mood.

Charming: The games feature adorable artwork of colourful animalfolks and are set in an original world which is rich in both story and characters.

Animalfolk decks are the core component of the Dale of Merchants series. Cards in these decks are what players use to build their own decks during a game. Dale of Merchants Collection comes with a total of 8 new animalfolk decks. These decks offer a great variety by themselves and they can also be combined with any decks from the original Dale of Merchants and Dale of Merchants 2.

Do you fancy gathering wealth with Tuataras or being a harbinger of misfortune with Giant Pangolins? All of the new decks will be introduced in project updates as the campaign progresses. Come back regularly to meet the new folks!

In Dale of Merchants games, players are aspiring merchants and other hopefuls participating in the trading competitions. In Dale of Merchants Collection, these colourful player characters are represented by their own individual cards. 

At the start of the game, each player receives one character card which gives them powerful abilities they can use throughout the game. There’s a total of 55 unique character cards. Would you like to embark on a quest with the Venturer or start a duel with your opponent with the Duelist? Or maybe you would prefer giving shady advice with the Advisor? Invite them to the mix and the game becomes deeper than ever.

Trap cards are another new gameplay feature. Each player has their own trap cards, and whenever one of them ends up in another player’s hand it either harms that player or benefits its owner. Traps come in four different varieties and players may choose to include any number of them in a game during the setup.

Dale of Merchants Collection is designed to be a storage solution for all of your Dale of Merchants content and comes with new additions to make the storage and setup of the game as straightforward as possible. In addition to the organisation improvements, there are two new features to help you choose the animalfolk decks at the start of the game.

Dale of Merchants Collection is a standalone game. It contains plenty of content aimed at fans of the series. The game comes with a large box which lets you store all content both from the original Dale of Merchants and Dale of Merchants 2.

While this is a great storage solution to keep all your Dale of Merchants content in a single box, it does come with a ton of new things to play with. Dale of Merchants Collection introduces new animalfolk decks with such unique fellows as Wealthy Tuataras and Connected Emperor Penguins.

A completely new feature in the series are the character cards. These cards are received at the start of the game and provide players with unique and powerful abilities that drastically influence the game. Dale of Merchants Collection includes dozens of different character cards adding even more depth and variance to the series' gameplay.

--from the publisher

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