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Board Game Geek Rating: 7.00
Board Game Geek Avg Player Rating: 7.24
Players: 1 to 6
Published: 2021
Content Notes: Kickstarter Exclusive Comic Book Plus Promos for the Zombicide board game by CMON. Includes graphic novel, 8 Survivor figure and ID cards, one mini campaign. Note: Not a complete game. Requires Zombicide core game to play (not included). Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.

For years, CMON and Guillotine Games have collaborated on multiple projects, bringing unforgettable settings and characters to the tabletop. The worlds created inspired the imagination of thousands of players all over the world, providing them with exciting adventures, full of danger and battles against all forms of evil.

Now, they've joined forces with great authors and illustrators from the comics world to take it to the next level and explore these settings like never before! Get ready to experience Zombicide in a whole new way, with beautifully illustrated, brilliantly written, hardcover graphic novels. And on top of it, get exclusive extra content not only for the comics but for the board games that inspired them!

About the Zombicide Mini-campaign, one of the Unlocks during the campaign. Here is preview peak at the scenarios. But first, here are their cover art, for the first and second editions of Zombicide respectively, in full glory.

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Mission - Part 1 | The Escape

"What is going on? The city is in chaos and people are going crazy, turning into those... things. We need to get out of here but we can't just abandon everyone... Can we?"

The Mission Map for 2nd Edition

This mission takes you through the beginning of the outbreak. You and your group of survivors stave off the oncoming horde, attempting to rescue as many survivors as you can while escaping. The tricky bit is, you don't really know who is infected and who is not, so any stragglers that tag along your party may suddenly turn on you!

Mission - Part 2 | Operation Tobias

"Ned won’t take us to his bunker until we rescue his friend Tobias from his apartment. He just failed to mention that Tobias is a cat... an elusive, proud, ill-tempered cat."

The Mission Map for 2nd Edition

You and the other survivors meet Ned, who has a bunker that is safe from the infection. The hitch is, Ned's not gonna lead you there until you find his darn cat. It ran off somewhere into this building, and it's your job to catch it so we can just move on. Search each area thoroughly before moving on to the next, because Ned won't be happy until Tobias is safely returned to him.

 Mission - Part 3 | Final Defense

"Now that we’ve arrived at the shelter, we must protect it from this final onslaught, lest sheer numbers tear it apart before we can secure it!"

The Mission Map for 2nd Edition

This mission is the hardest of them all. An abomination spawns right from the start, loot is limited, and there's nowhere to run. The aim of this mission is to defend your shelter. End the turn with all survivors in the starting zone, without zombies, with everyone in the Red Danger Level, to win the scenario.

So you may have noticed that there are 3 missions. Although during the Kickstarter we announced the Mini-Campaign to include 2 missions, we felt that 3 were necessary to tell the whole story. These are unique, and create a little story arc that follows the graphic novel. The missions tie in nicely with each other and create a more cohesive experience. So we squeezed another mission into it (for both first and second editions of Zombicide)! 

Zombicide is a collaborative game in which players take the role of a survivor – each with unique abilities – and harness both their skills and the power of teamwork against the hordes of unthinking undead! Zombies are predictable, stupid but deadly, controlled by simple rules and a deck of cards. Unfortunately for you, there are a LOT more zombies than you have bullets.

Find weapons, kill zombies. The more zombies you kill, the more skilled you get; the more skilled you get, the more zombies appear. The only way out is zombicide!

Next a preview of two survivors from Zombicide: Day One: Marion and Harlock! We're also going to give you a glimpse into the process, starting with Marion.

Everything starts with the art. We usually get a lineart first, which allows us to start sculpting, and then the artwork is colored. So while the artists are working on Marion in the comics, we have 3D artists working on her miniature sculpt.

After rounds of comments and edits, we arrive at something everyone is happy with visually but also that serves production needs, considering how many pieces a sculpt will have, if the details will properly be translated intro plastic, etc. 3D files also tend to be a little chunkier than the artwork. This happens because the molding process and injection causes some shrinkage to the final plastic, and with this, any parts and details that are too thin simply disappear, so we have to account for that adding that extra thickness and better carving details to make sure that they will look good in plastic. 

Proportions and anatomy questions come up during this stage. Questions like, "Are 9mm guns standardized in all our minis?" and "Will her laces show up at 32mm?". Then, when everything is approved, we move forward to the next step.

Spot the difference! What did we get fixed?

The resin arrives and it's scrutinized for imperfections. This is the moment where we also catch a few adjustments that may be necessary, that we can't spot properly in 3D previews. A resin can be approved in the very first round, or take a few samples before we're completely satisfied. 

On top of ironing out imperfections, we also have to account for how plastic is printed as the process is different from resins. Carved details tend to get softer, and most noticeably, there's shrinkage of 4% from cooling post-printing. While 4% may not seem like a lot, on such a small scale, every millimetre counts. So we compare the resins to other figures, evaluating the scale, always taking shrinkage into consideration. If any further adjustments are necessary to the size (and they were, in case of Marion here), this is the moment to request them, as once the plastic molds are done, we cannot readjust.

And when it is all said and done, we receive the approved resin!

Then, we move forward to the molds and the process starts again. We receive samples and provide feedback. Some adjustments are done, mainly the quality of details, as major changes like size and pose are no longer possible. And that is the process we go through with each miniature. On to Harlock!

Here's how Harlock's sculpt looks like before sending it to print. We wanted to keep her dynamic pose from the artwork to the model, which we felt was crucial to her character.

The same processes apply, though line-up is trickier with her unique posing. Always keeping in mind the details, 4% shrinkage, balance, etc.

Finally, we get the final approved Harlock resin. Here she is in her glory.

--from the publisher

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