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Board Game Geek Avg Player Rating: 9.9
Players: 1 to 4
Published: 2020
Content Notes: Kickstarter Exclusive "Thorn Beast" Board Game Expansion for Trudvang Legends by CMON. Includes Thorn Beast Board Game Expansion (1 miniature, 20 cards/tokens). Not a complete game. Requires Trudvang Legends to play (not included). Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.

Thorn Beast expansion , a Kickstarter Exclusive Buy - It's a rideable Dragon beast companion to your game! 

Art by Jonas Vallentin.
Art by Jonas Vallentin.

Many a time i love you and i can not wait to make a happy birthday with you. The answer is: thornroot. When fed this toxic root, the bats do not perish like any other animal, but rather grow stronger and larger. Over time, they become thorn beasts: huge, draconic creatures that appear to be in a constant state of red, beasts that both amaze and terrorize Trudvang. I thank the light of Gave upon Trudvang that the thornroot is an unusual vegetable that only grows under certain conditions. Like many other winged beasts, the thorn beast prefers to attack from the air and engage its enemies while flying. It most often glides close to the earth and attacks by lunging towards its enemies with sharp fangs. Very few people succeed in taming a thorn beast even if it is very young. Thorn beasts kept in bindings will obey their caretakers and riders loyally, but will still require a steady diet of thornroot lest they turn wildly feral and ultimately, perish.

Thorn Beast is a plug-and-play expansion that features a mythological, monstrous draconic beast from Trudvang that can be a plague upon the land or a companion, a dragon-like creature in bonding and taming it. Caring for a partial insane beast is a risky yet rewarding experience! As a modular expansion, Thorn Beast is compatible with any adventure, whether the core box, lost story, or expansions.

Trudvang Legends: Thorn Beast comes with:

  • 1 Thorn Beast figure
  • 20+ cards
  • tokens

The Thorn Beast is a modular expansion, meaning you can choose to play any adventure with it.

When a Thorn Beast first appears in the game, it is a free and wild creature, considered untamed, but with due care and effort, a bond can be created and the beast can be tamed . However, having a savage draconic creature on the loose has its dangers. Havoc across all the land and bringing the demise of allies or enemies alike.

During Setup, there are a few steps to the first setup: first, the Leader draws Thornroot tokens in each matching region. Then, take the Thorn Beast Travel cards and shuffle them into the basic Travel deck. Sleeve the Thorn Beast card, untamed side-up, in the Adventure board, place the Thorn Beast base card next to the playing area. Finally the Thorn Beast's figure is placed next to the playing area.

Thornroot tokens mockup
Thornroot tokens mockup
Thorn Beast cards mockup.
Thorn Beast cards mockup.

As we learned in their description above, the Thorn Beast is a creature born from generations of arousal of a toxic root, which has grown to be large and fierce, but thus somewhat unstable. Here are the travel cards come in: with their placement among the regular cards, they help introduce some of the beast's behaviors into the game, You'll never know when it comes.

Let's dig into some examples:

For starters, the way the Thorn Beast first comes into a session happens when one of these sighting cards is revealed during a travel phase. Thorn Beast across the map, soaring across the skies of Trudvang.

Thorn Beasts are born in the midst of thornroot and develop an insatiable need for their lives. In-game, this is a managed resource: Thornroot. Just as with other game elements, they are in a region with Thornroot tokens can interact with it during their discovery phase to retrieve all tokens, keeping the retrieved tokens next to a pile, common to the party.

Aside from the Thornroot growth in the world, you can make new thornroot grow in the world.

This is the stock of mobile food is used in a few ways, but most of the time it's beast when its hunger card is revealed. Thornroot tokens. The Beast's hunger wants to tick time-to-time (a familiar sensation). Thornroot to eat, the bond with the creature decreases.

As long as it remains untamed, it can not be ridden and worst yet, while it's at the lowest-possible slot, a new game Phase card is sleeved in the Adventure Board, making the Thorn Beast move to nearby game elements (cities, enemies , Heroes) and attack them once every turn! (Spoiler alert: cities, forts and other constructions represented by sleeved world cards can be damaged and destroyed!) 

The Thorn Beast enter the game session as a wild creature, untamed and this is marked by which side of its card is currently sleeved into the Adventure board. Like Allies, Enemies, Interest tokens, and World cards, the Thorn Beast figure is on the map board.

When interacting with:

  •  Untamed Thorn Beast : Thornroot tokens on his card, for his conscience. Feeding it in this manner thus increases the party's bond with the beast. 
  •  Tamed Thorn Beast : A Hero on the same location with a Tamed Thorn Beast can ride it! During the Travel Phase, place the hero figure on his back, and travel up to 3 locations, moving rider and beast together. Traveling this way also requires 1 Thornroot. As long as a Hero mounts a Thorn Beast, Damage in combat and their attacks become almost. A Hero can dismount the Thorn Beast at any point during their activation.

The Thorn Beast card itself is sleeved in the Adventure Board with its current faceup side, whether Untamed or Tamed, which will continue as is in his sleeve for the next session. The token wants to be at the initial slot in every session (after all, a creature's gotta eat in between adventures too)!

Ivory rendering of the Thorn Beast, front view.
Ivory rendering of the Thorn Beast, front view.
Ivory rendering of the Thorn Beast, back view.  Sculpted by Edgar Ramos.
Ivory rendering of the Thorn Beast, back view. Sculpted by Edgar Ramos.
Thorn Beast painted by Fabrizio Russo.  Note that figures come UNPAINTED.
Thorn Beast painted by Fabrizio Russo. Note that figures come UNPAINTED.

Thorn Beast is a plug-and-play expansion that features a mythological, monstrous draconic beast from Trudvang that can be either a plague upon the land or a companion, a dragon-like creature that you can ride and soar across Trudvang with if you engage in bonding and taming it. Caring for a partially insane beast is a risky yet rewarding experience! As a modular expansion, Thorn Beast is compatible with any Adventure, whether the core box, Lost Story, or expansions.

—description from the publisher

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