Kickstarter Cloudspire

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Cloudspire originated as a kickstarter board game taking place in the floating realm of Ankar.  It tells the story of a war to acquire a powerful and rare energy known only as "the source." Every race has their own unique units and heroes as well as the ability to bid and draft mercenaries for hire.

Heavily influenced by both tower defense and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games. Solo and Cooperative play are driven by a scenario book that chronicles the story of the game from the perspective of each individual faction. Players control one of four unique factions in a battle to destroy and steal source energy from their opponents. Send and defend against armies and minions, build towers to protect your base, and explore with your heroes in search of resources and powerful Relics to turn the tide of battle.
Cloudspire: Core Game $120.99 $134.99
Cloudspire: Skymat $44.99 $52.99